Audiovisuelle Gestaltung

Audiovisuelle Gestaltung

Bury a friend - Billy Eilish

The aim of the project was to visualize a song of our choice.
Based on geometrical forms.

Bury a friend sung by Billy Eilish. It is a really dark,
surprising and mysterious song.

With the help of seperating the audio sequences and creating our own
notations we were able to define every single instrument.
This, combined with our subjective impressions we were able to build
a foundation for our audio visualization.

Our final concept is based on two three-dimensional cubes. The bigger one is playing the part of the body, which reacts physically to the music, while the smaller one reacts to the emotional parts of the audio.

for the final installation we created a hologram. This three dimensionality creates an unsecure, lost and trapped athmosphere, where the cubes are stuck in.